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During the period of study at the university, each student has to prepare different kinds of tasks, such as a report or essay.

The main purpose of a coursework is to consolidate the knowledge gained during the academic semester.

A report is a summary of the scientific problem in writing. This is the simplest form of written generalization and systematization of scientific knowledge. An introduction to research work begins with reports and essays.

Coursework is an independent complex educational scientific work, that carries out under the guidance of a teacher. A term paper is done by senior students, who have already gained experience in writing essays.

However, not every student has time to complete coursework. In some cases, there may be several in one semester. Therefore, the only correct solution will be to order the execution of academic work.

Experienced experts can help with various English papers topics. Our clients receive the highest quality reports in the shortest period (2-5 days). We approach each new task individually, taking into account all the wishes and requirements. It is obligatory to check the developed material by the anti-plagiarism program and the uniqueness of each work is not less than 70%, which is acceptable standards in all higher educational institutions.

Reports and term papers have to vary structure. In the classical form, the course work consists of two chapters, divided into two or three sections. But in the report, usually, there is no breakdown into chapters.

Our service provides help with writing not only these types of college English papers.

During the period of studying everyone was faced with the need to write examinations in various subjects. At first glance, this task is not difficult. But, when it comes to performance, most students have problems. Firstly, it is necessary to spend time, which is constantly lacking. And secondly, not everyone has enough knowledge to do the work greatly.

But there are no unsolvable problems. If you need to prepare a paper as soon as possible (regardless of discipline and level of difficulty), contact us for help.

Our company offers services in the implementation of the following types of tasks:

  • dissertations;
  • diploma;
  • coursework;
  • essays;
  • reports.
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Help with English Essay Writing

The essay can tell a lot about the author, evaluate his innovative and creative potential, analytical capabilities. For students, especially undergraduates, it is a good way of gaining new experience in writing and developing primary skills and abilities.

The word "essay" comes from the French essai, the exact translation of which means experience, trial, attempt, sketch, sketch. In the scientific literature, there are many definitions of this concept. In most cases, it boils down to the fact that an essay is a special genre of a written work of small volume, built in a free compositional form and expressing the author’s personal position on a specific problem, event, phenomenon, process. As a genre, an essay is used not only in science (history, philosophy, ethics, political science, etc.), but also in journalism and fiction.

It is difficult to take into account all the rules and many “pitfalls” and write an excellent essay without relevant experience. Therefore, a great way to achieve it is to order work. Our company offers the best English essays.

An essay has its own genre features. These are:

  • small volume
  • narrow scientific problems.
  • free composition
  • concreteness
  • internal semantic unity.

Writing a scientific essay should be based on reliable sources. Therefore, there should be links to authors of quotations, statistics, historical facts, etc. At the end of the essay should be a compiled list of used literature, which must be properly decorated.

Expressing one’s own opinions and discussing the opinions of others is a vital necessity for any member of society. Nowadays we need to talk and think a lot, both in everyday communication and during study or at work. That is why the essay is one of the main English papers for college,

The essay is characterized by its quite numerous varieties.

  • Essay-definition is devoted to the disclosure of the essence, content, structure, and functions of a particular scientific concept or category. For example, "The essence and content of the category of justice".
  • Essay-classification is an essay, the content of which requires one or several reasons for classifying a specific object, process or phenomenon, and within this framework considers the existing types of this object, process or phenomenon. For example, "Types of modern political regimes".
  • Essay-comparison is an essay built on the comparison of any objects and phenomena, an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. For example, "Analysis of modern approaches to the definition of the concept of insolvency." Here you have to compare the existing definitions of the concept of insolvency and draw your own conclusions.
  • Essay-argumentation is an essay built according to the scheme “thesis (statement) - arguments justifying the thesis”. For example, "Philosophy as a science." Here you need to find arguments that prove the scientific nature of philosophy.
  • The essay-causal analysis is an essay that identifies or establishes the factors and conditions for the emergence or functioning of any object, process or phenomenon, which is a consequence of the action of these causes. For example, "The causes of modern domestic offenses." Here it is required to find out the factors and conditions causing domestic offenses.

Thus, the essence of an essay lies in the author's own views on any object, process or phenomenon, which manifests itself in genre features and types of essay.

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